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21 July

Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd has recently introduced the “OROS (Osmotic Release Oral delivery system) Laser Drilling Technology” first ever in Bangladesh.  Introduction of this technology is a landmark achievement of Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals sector. It is the latest, sophisticated and difficult to manufacture controlled released system in the world. Recently Incepta has launched one of its kind-Modesto XR (Paliperidone 3 & 6 mg) tablet by using this technology. It has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Doctor’s community in a very short period of time.

It is a bi-layer tablet containing a drug layer and a push layer consisting of a swellable polymer, surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane. There is a laser-drilled orifice to deliver Paliperidone at a controlled rate. Water is absorbed through the semi-permeable membrane causing the push layer to expand. It forces the drug to be pumped out at a controlled rate through the small orifice. This technology allows the most precise & constant drug delivery over 24 hours.

Modesto XR is mainly indicated for the treatment of Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective disorders.  Due to the unique drug delivery system, Modesto XR ensures convenient once-daily dosing with no chance of fluctuation of plasma drug concentration. So the risk of suboptimal efficacy and extrapyramidal symptoms is lower.

In addition to the local market, Incepta hopes to launch this product globally in the near future.