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The expected manifestations of EPOETINŽ overdosage include signs and symptoms associated with an excessive and/or rapid increase in hemoglobin concentration, including any of the cardiovascular events described in WARNINGS and listed in ADVERSE REACTIONS. Patients receiving an overdosage of EPOETINŽ should be monitored closely for cardiovascular events and hematologic abnormalities. Polycythemia should be managed acutely with phlebotomy, as clinically indicated. Following resolution of the effects due to EPOETINŽ overdosage, reintroduction of EPOETINŽ therapy should be accompanied by close monitoring for evidence of rapid increases in hemoglobin concentration ( > 1 gm/dL per 14 days). In patients with an excessive hematopoietic response, reduce the EPOETINŽ dose in accordance with the recommendations described in DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION.

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